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Basic Concepts

on August 14, 2012

App Name: Kids Learning- Photo Touch Concepts
Price: 0.99

There are a few apps that I like that work on basic concepts and following directions. This app is better for following directions and has different levels of difficulty.

The thing that I like the best about this app is the ability to choose which concepts you want to work on during that session. That way it will work for young preschoolers as well as older children.


It also allows you to turn the sound off if you want to give your own directions or make it into two step directions (it only does one step). The voice on the app is pleasant, and you can turn off her praise after each direction if you want. You can also choose what praise you want her to provide so there is quite a bit of customization available.

Touch the ball in front of the chair


Touch the yellow shape


Touch the one that is different


Worth the buck? Definitely.


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